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Dec 05 2013

Why You Need to Focus on Facebook Mobile

Facebook mobile is now more important than ever, and your strategy needs to incorporate Facebook mobile in a number of ways.

facebook mobile for businessIt is no surprise that Facebook mobile is now among the most important focal points of a successful social business strategy. Over 70% of Facebook’s users are accessing the network through a mobile device, and an increasing proportion of Facebook users are now only accessing the network via their mobile devices.

In order to capture the attention of this large and continually growing audience, you need to incorporate Facebook mobile into your strategy in a big way.

Some Interesting Facts About Facebook Mobile

A recent study by Shareaholic has revealed some very impressive data with regards to the importance of Facebook mobile.

In the last year, the referrals generated from Facebook (for businesses) have grown by 58.81% (year-over-year). How did they do this? Mobile.

As the chart below shows, referrals from mobile devices have increase a whopping 253.25% in the past year! What’s more the study finds that more than half of Facebook’s referral traffic growth has been the direct result of mobile activity.

shareaholic facebook mobile stats

As more and more people rely on their smartphones for everything from phone calls to everyday business and social use, the importance of a mobile component to your social strategy increases.

Below are a few ways you can take advantage of this growing trend and capitalize on the value of Facebook mobile referral power.

Create Mobile-Specific Ads

There exist some incredible features on the Facebook advertising platform that so few businesses are taking advantage of.

When you create a Facebook ad, you have the ability to target your ads to mobile devices. What’s more, you can specify the type of mobile device being used. Now, if you pay attention to your Google Analytics, and see that a large proportion of your mobile audience is coming from iOS, you know that you can create an ad on Facebook that targets only users with an iPhone! (Yes, this is actually something you can do.)

All it takes is a little tweaking and you will be able to really boost your success with Facebook ads click-through rates.

Create Mobile-Friendly Content

This is really more about creating content that is Facebook-friendly. Writing a long-winded story as a post is going to be annoying enough as it is for your fans on their desktop. Imagine how much more frustrated they would be if they had to scroll past in on their mobile devices as well. And do you expect anyone to click on images and see the full thing if it does not simply show up on their mobile News Feed? Probably not.

People want something fast and easy – that goes double for mobile users. Your content should have a clear message delivered fast and in an easy-to-view way. This way, you can encourage your mobile fans to click on links and read more if they are interested.

Share From Your Device

If you are using Facebook as a business – or even as a professional – then you should be using it to share content from your device. Post to your page from your mobile phone and check in at different locations. Generally, this increases engagement with your mobile audience, and should certainly be tried. This tactic also helps humanize your brand, and helps users relate to your company on a more personal level.

Try out some of these pointers and see if you can start capitalizing on the huge surge in mobile referral traffic from Facebook!

Do you access Facebook on your mobile device? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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Corey Padveen

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